Friday, June 27, 2014

Soto St. - Lies - Released June 2014 B.H.J. Records

The Orange County Skate Punk scene was vastly improved back in 2011 when Soto St. formed. Influenced by heavyweights such as Adolescents, Social Distortion, The Parasites and more, Soto St. blend the sounds of their influences quite well.

Lies is a follow up the their 2012 release GO!, which was a stand up album in it's own rights.

Soto St. have a fast-paced, aggressive style, typical of southern California hardcore skate punk. The band consists of Jeff - Voxxx/insults,  
Dane - guitar/vox/ intensity, Pat - Percussive beatdown, Cody - Groove smashing. Lies is 10 track, full length that fucking rocks out no mater what angle you check it from. Lies asks a lot of good questions that need a lot of better answers. The only real issue I have with this album is that I don't feel it is loud enough. - I keep turning this fucker up but i can't get it to be loud enough. I love how Jeff's vocals keep dipping in and out of Mike Nessness throughout the album. If you need a good album to have playing while you skate or hang our with your buds drinking beer in the backyard while charring the meat of a critter this is the album.  It's a great album - I can listen to it on repeat all day and not get bored with it - and I think that makes an album worth it's dollar value. Check it out here and grab a copy for yourself. Stand out tracks for me are Police Brutality, Johnny Law, Going Nowhere, and Two Party System. Regret is the track that everyone will most easily identify with - let's face it - we all have it Jeff just put it into the right words. 

Bottom Line - Great album  ☆☆☆☆1/2 of these stars