Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Dangits Come Alive Self Released August 2014 12" LP and Digital format

The Dangits formed in January of 2009 at Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Ft. Worth, Texas over a few fish tacos and several beers. Mike Noyes and Branden Smith were part of the vibrant Dallas music scene in the 90's; Mike in (REO) SPEEDEALER and Branden in THE SOUP. 

After years of extensive touring, both took some time off of music and met up later thru their mutual admiration for European motorcycles as members of the local 59 Club. Playing live, writing and recording is the band's chief objectives. Within a year of formation In 2010, they began recording their first batch of songs for the full length CD release “Greatest Hits Vol. I”. With that release and their growing local fan base, The Dangits were bestowed the Best New Artist Award from The Ft. Worth Weekly in 2010. Over the next few years and a few members later The Dangits were able to cultivate a strong local following along with a 7” record release in the fall of 2012.

With a solid lineup that now includes on drums Russ Genders who joined in early 2012.

The Dangits play local bills and have also played along side great touring acts such as THE SUPERSUCKERS, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, ZEKE, AGAINST THE GRAIN, THE DWARVES, DIXIE WITCH, THE MURDER JUNKIES, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, THE HOOKERS, GUTTERMOUTH and THE QUEERS to name a few but to them, a show is a show and bring the same intensity for the music, a blistering live performance and a sense of fun knowing that this is all just for shits.

Few bands actual play real rock and roll these days. The Dangits do! These boys play the ever loving shit of rock and roll and they do it the only way it is supposed to be done, Loud, Loud, and Loud! This new 12" LP is no exception to their tried and true formula of playing loud, fast, hard rock and roll. If you're a pussy, this isn't the record for you. If you like to wear your sisters pants, step back this album isn't for you. 

If you dig drinking beer and rocking the fuck out, this is your god damned record right here!
3 spins in and this record is still kicking my ass so hard I can't even make a solid sentence that doesn't include the phrase "rock the fuck out" I'm kicking my self in the ass for not living in the DFW so I can throw my hard earned debits as these dudes every time they step foot on a stage.

Point of story - this is a damn good record - don't be a fuck - go buy it! 
listen to it here - click the link - give these guys your money. 

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