Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Creep Crusades - Blood Sweat Piss - Self Release 2014 TBR 04-20-14

You first heard these guys under the name The Pharmacists, due to a little hiccup with another band of the same name they are now The Creep Crusades. Name change aside these guys from D.C. are still doing hardcore the way it was meant to be done and Blood Sweat Piss only serves to show they can take the anger up an extra notch. While this EP has a darker note to it and the band is now a 3 piece act this 7 track EP is proof that a man down and a darker side is very much a good thing.  Dead to Me's intro throws a nod to previous release Vultures before it takes on it's own life and pounds frontman Lynn Dials' angry ass vocals into your skull. Jesus Ate Christmas can this EP get any better? The Bassline of Boring Son of a Bitch quickly jumps in to tell you, yes, yes it fucking can! And here's Dials again sounding even more pissed off, I don't know who is kicking this guy's puppy but they need to keep it up. I think Problems best puts Cooper's drumming skills front and center - he's beating those things like a hooker that didn't swallow and then walked off with his cocaine. Cutthroat makes the guitars even bigger and faster than they already are and really makes me want to be a teenager wearing combat boots in a mosh pit again. Yes, I am dating myself here but goddamn I want to kick people in the shins and stomp on their toes. Stabbing Party actually does make me kick things - problem is, I'm barefoot and I think I just broke 5 of my toes. Methmouth is truly an epic track. I  am not one to use the term "epic" often, this track earns the term in all aspects of it. Everything about this track is balls to the walls and sums up the title of the EP, all the Blood, all the Sweat, all the Piss is right here in this one track. All the Money Spent was the perfect track to end this release on. It perfectly blends all music from the prior 6 tracks into a rage filled conclusion. Something about this track puts me in mind of pre-fame Nirvana - you know back before they were just churning out what record executives were telling them sounded like angst - don't even fucking act like that wasn't the case - you know damn well it was. Here's to hoping The Creep Crusades NEVER take that road and continue making the music that makes them happy.. err.. angry. and here's to Blood Sweat Piss. As always, don't just take my word for it - check these guys out for yourself, preview and download 3 of these tracks here on reverbnation

I think you'll agree that this EP is going to be well worth your time, cash and devotion to what is possibly the best thing rolling out of D.C. today.  At the time of reviewing this I have yet to pin down a release date for this EP, however the band assures me that it will be soon.

Grab this E.P. for a mere 7 bucks at bandcamp today. 

The Creep Crusades are:

Lynn Dials - Vocals/Guitar, 
Robert Cooper - Drums/Backing Vocals, 

Christian Askew - Bass

check them out at these fine internet locations.

Also, for shits and giggle check out the band Lynn and Robert were in before The Creep Crusades

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