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Scheisse Minnelli set to release new album Sorry State of Affairs on Beanies Records May 2014

I was very excited recentl to discover there was going to be a new Scheisse Minnelli album to add to my collection, even more excited to learn that the good folks over at Nicole Beanies Records valued my musical taste and opinion enough to send me a promotional copy for review. 

Scheisse Minnelli is a four piece act that calls Germany home. According to their website the current line-up is Dedel and Dash on drums and bass joined by Samuel el Action on vocals and Mikey P. on guitar. 

Originally formed in 2003 this band has not taken much time off, they've put out plenty of full length albums along with an assload of splits, comps, and 7 inch EPs as well as putting in extensive time out on the road, I think it's safe to say these guys know what hard work is all about. 

Photo Credit: Marc Gaertner

Labeled as Punk, Hardcore, and Thrash; I've always felt there was plenty of that old school skate punk influence to their tunes as well, possibly from the California kids being involved. 

No matter what album you listen to from Scheisse Minnelli, you can quickly tell that these guys aren't just some hacks that happen to own instruments and have an attitude, these guys are skilled-assed musicians, each in their own right.

Set to release in May (see below for specific dates) Sorry State of Affairs is a 12 track success story for Scheisse Minnelli. 

Lost in Translation is a welcome beast in my earphones and a refreshing change from all the standard 2-3 chord punk I've been swimming in for the past few months.
Dash hits more notes on his bass in the first few bars of this song than most band ever will on an entire album. 
I'm fairly certain that Dedel  is actually a an animatronic piece of German clockwork, Sam's vocals are definitely more matured on this release without dropping that California punk quality that I respect so much, and Mikey P. is no longer proving he is the right guy for the job, he is just flat out demonstrating why no other guitarist will ever be able to fill his shoes. Sorry State of Affairs also features back up vocals from producer Archi Alert on the track The Voices.



Hessian Nightmares side:

Lost in Translation 2:55
Looking Glass 2:40
Bad Luck  3:19
Cafe Fix  2:24
Room of Doom  2:25
In the Ghetto  2:05


California Dreams side:

Bags of Danger  3:17
The Voices  3:32
Wasted Talent  2:51
Memory Lane  2:07
Mal Pais  2:38
Cycle of Abuse  2:43

I've listened to this album at least 12 times since this morning and still can't pin point any one track off of it that I can call my favorite but Room of Doom, The Voices, and Cycle of Abuse are all tight contenders and will be featured Tuesday, April 29th during the PoDunk Punk Show (12pm Texas time and 6pm in the UK on 

Each track on this album is just as good as the one before and you're sure it's better than the one that will follow it, until of course the next song plays. It has been so long since I've listened to a record that is this damned tight! Not a single dud on here, NOT ONE! Take that Big Music Industry! There are still bands out there that believe in giving their fans ALL of their money's worth and Scheisse Minnelli is one of those rare, few bands. I don't know what this record is going to cost when it releases but I do know that you are going to wear it the fuck out and happily drop more cash to replace it. 

I think I've gushed on like a schoolgirl about this album long enough now, pardon me while I continue to rock out to this beast of a record and uhh, yeah, get in line to get a copy for yourself! 

Find Schiesse Minnelli at any one of their webholes

Official Website   |   facebook 


Drums: Dudel
Bass: Dash
Guitar: Mikey
Vocals: Sam

Produced and mixed by Archi Alert
Recorded & engineered by Tom Kornis & Archi Alert at Chaos-AD Studio, FFM 
Dufte Typen Recorders, Berlin (Nov. - Dec. 2013)
Mastered by Dog Jung at Kennel Mastering, Berlin
Backup vocals by Dash, Dudel and Mikey except on 'THE VOICES' by Archi Alert
Artwork by Sven Gjurček
Photography by Marc Gärtner
Layout & design by Nicole Beukema & Sven Gjurček
All songs written by Scheisse Minnelli except 'IN THE GHETTO' by Morris Mac Davis
And riffs from 'THE VOICES' inspired by William C. McGuire


℗ & © ScheisseMinnelli/Destiny 2014
licensee U.S. Beanies Records

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