Wednesday, May 7, 2014

UGLYBoNES - Wrong Goods EP Review Self Released January 2014

If the ominously plunking bass opening the title track to UGLYBoNES’ (their pretty particular about the casing of their name)  latest EP isn’t enough to get you interested, you my friend, are a straight-up fuck. This Chicago area 4 piece act never fail to bring justice to the term “punk”. It’s what these kids do. At a buck-twenty per song, this 5 track EP is just what you need when you’re getting ready to go out and fuck shit up. I follow these guys on facebook and for the most part their daily lives seem pretty humdrum and average - they put off an air of “regular guy” then they get in the studio and each morph into their own versions of Mr. Hyde. These guys are insane in their music - to say they play with ferocity is such an understatement. Wrong Goods is definitely their most polished  release to date, in terms of writing, performing, engineering and mastering. 

This EP seems to take a darker tone than their previous releases - all of which stand up very well. 

So here I am, sitting in the dark, the only light source being my computer monitor and the flashing green and red of the EQ on my soundboard listening to this EP on repeat and gaining more and more respect for UGLYBoNES with each passing minute. 

Wrong Goods immediately sets a dark mood and then front man LV opens his throat and us know how sick he is of her/him/us. The track bleeds out into Failed Attempt - Jesus Christ, these kids are pissed and suddenly I want to go seek out anyone that ever told me   wasn't good enough and punch them in the throat! Jerkin’ It pretty much describes every Tuesday for me, laying around stoned with my left hand in a bag of chips and my right hand on my dick - I am beginning to think these guys work for the NSA. About halfway through Where It Ends I have to ask myself why the dumb bitch is still around - kick a bitch to the curb already! Fuck! This track puts certain co-workers in mind. Co-workers that really just need to die. And then we roll into the final track Basement. I've been following this band since 2011’s 180 Proof EP and Basement pretty much tells me everything I have learned and inferred about this band. They dig house shows, they love audience interaction and communication but they are smart enough to know when you’re feeding them bullshit, they aren't here to fuck around, they are here to rock your face off, end of story. 

Everything about this band is right. The guys fit together and really shows in Wrong Goods. This EP has the feel of a band that has learned and grown from one another over the years and have hit that level of maturity in their career to write and perform really fucking great music. May the deity of your choice bless these kids for years to come.

jacks insanity

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