Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Timmys - Sangamon County Minefield 2012 - Self Release

Springfield is notorious for putting out neat little punk bands. Each poured in the same manner into the same mold. You know the kind the bands that are all up in your face non stop all the damn time. Kinda like that tiny, yapping, annoying ass furry think your girlfriend calls a dog. And then.. And then there's The Timmys. The Timmys are more like the guy that shows up to the party just to stand around like they don't want to be at the party but wind up becoming the party.

The Timmys are Brandon, Robbie, Tyler, Ian, & Gary. That's it.
Really, these kids have facebook, twitter, myspace, soundcloud, and a bandcamp and their names are all the information you can publicly find about them aside from their releases. And you know what? After listening to these guys you realize you don't need to know anymore about them at all.
I first heard about The Timmys on twitter - they were tagged in a post from some band about a show they had coming up so I figured I should look into them. I got hold of their 2010 release That'll Do and was instantly hooked. Are they Pop Punk? No. Are they Hardcore? No. They are just Punk Punk - the kind of punk that NOFX used to be. Party Punk - The kind of punk you want played at your house show. The kind of punk that has really a really tight composition, more than just three cords and asinine lyrics. OK, well, they have asinine lyrics. 

Enough chit chat - let's get to the business at hand.

Sangamon County Minefield is a 12 track full length that the Timmys released back in 2012.

Kicking off with with a track clocking in a a buck and quarter titled Nutshell, The Timmys set about quickly letting you know they know how to rock. The rhythm section is tight, the lead guitar is on spot and the vocals reek of young punk. Throughout the album they prove that harmonies aren't that hard to pull off. The whole album is track after track of well, oiled, properly channeled punk rock with the right mix of anger, idiocy, and crunchy guitars. It's difficult for me to analyze this album on a track by track basis as this is one of those releases that works so well as a whole. I will tell you that Life is a Game, IOU, Premature Intoxication, and Sangamon County Minefield are all stand out tracks very worthy of an EP release on vinyl.
I can't like this album enough and I think it is well worth your time and your 10 bucks.

Check it out for yourself and tell me if you agree, More importantly click the links at the bottom of this review and tell the band what you thought. AND more importantly than that - if you're in or near the Springfield, IL area get out and see these guys play live- they seem to like playing live more than releasing albums (they tend to have a 2 year gap between releases) Main Point of this review is this. 

and is highly deserving of your time, respect and money.

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